Instagram analytics

Keep track of different Instagram stats to help you with your marketing strategy.

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How does it work?
Tracking you Instagram profile stats is as simple as linking your
Instagram account

1. Link your profile

We don't store your passwords,
that means no one can get them

2. Configure

Filter the data by
whatever metric you wish

3. React

Make future marketing decisions
based on analytics data that you get

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Filter stats by multiple criteria and see current and historic progress using our analytics tools


How does it work?

We help you make better marketing decisions for your Instagram accounts by letting you track how they affect your growth.

By keeping track of different metrics your able to react faster and see what of what you do works best. Helping you make the correct decisions and grow your audience.

How do you track my stats?

We use your profile to constantly collect metrics from your account and display them on easy to understand charts, so that you can track your changes.

By using your own account we're even able to track you stats if you profile is set to Private.

Can I use multiple accounts?

Of course. You can link as many accounts as you want.

How soon will I see some stats?

You should be able to see your first snapshot shortly after adding your Instagram account, after that we will collect additional stats on a set interval at which point you will be able to start making comparisons on how well your account is doing.

Is it safe?

Completely, we don't store any passwords, the only time you have to enter your password is to authenticate your Instagram account so that we're able to collect your stats.

After that we store an authentication token.

Why us
We offer the great tools for the analytics that will help you track your growth

Real stats

All the stats you see are collected directly
from your account so they are genuine and real.


We don't store your passwords,
that means no one can get them.


We're simple to use, just
authenticate and you're off.


You can see your history graph
using our advanced charts.

No downloads

You can use it right in your
browser, no downloads or installs.

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We offer a free
trial, just try us out!

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